Friday, March 10, 2006

Garden of Pleasures

This morning, I waked up with the "Garden of Senses" melody in my head. This kind of things are happening often in this last times and I don't know why. Or.. may be yes,... "Music was [almost] my first Love and it will be my last" as John Miles sings, so it is natural that it LIVEs on many places of my sub-conscious.
I started thinking 'why that music?' (I don't hear it since a long, long time)

For many years and still now, Vangelis has my admiration, specially as a composer.

One thing that it is really amazing is how he can enter in all the context of the music.. and LIVE the feelings that surrounds all the pictures, all the colors, all the breathes that the music can transmit.
When we hear the "China" album or the "1492" we are transported immediately to the scene of the theme, to the time of the picture, to the feelings... all the feelings that are behind the rythm, the notes, the melody,... the softly touch of each instrument, the gratest entusiasm of the orchestra...

May be that's why I love so much being, creating and LIVE in the Imagination Scenaries, transporting to our reality, in all ways,.. visual,.. mental,.. spiritual,... all the reachness of such imaginated worlds.
We can LIVE without them, for sure... But life could be so much pleasured if we paint it with this imaginated world music colors.
We can turn our life into this garden of senses where we breathe this music, this magic, this new world, this feeling of been aLIVE anywhere else and being present, here, today, at the same time, where we can sing the true colors of love through an open and freely heart.
Yes. There is that garden on my mind where I know that I want to LIVE.

"Days of the garden.
Days in the sun.
Warm in my secret.
Lost in your eyes.

Love, sweet as water.
Love, sweet as wine.


Sing with your heart (hold me, hold me)

With your heart
With your heart
With your heart
With your heart
With your heart"

From, "Page Of Life" album


Blogger Wonderer said...

hi emlino,
Thanks for visiting my blog, you have an interesting blog too. I see you are new to the blogosphere, hope you enjoy it.

BTW, I have a passion for the portugese language. I visited Mosanbique a couple of time and caught some few words.

11 March, 2006 09:27  
Blogger Nesrina said...

WOW... this pleasant, optimistic mood is contagious.
I liked this part very much ...
"LIVE the feelings that surrounds all the pictures, all the colors, all the breathes that the music can transmit".
Your blog's name is LIVE and it's really about living.

12 March, 2006 13:45  
Blogger emlino said...

Obrigado, Wonderer.
Why can't we express and share all the brightness that rises from our LIVEs to all the world? We need it because doesn't mean nothing if we, close it in ourselfs, because just the fact of sharing it, it's a strenght basis to our living day, and becausse it's like a commitment with the humanity that doesn't alow us being dismissed of it, ignoring what we had already felt.
It is, in fact, change a little bit, the world around us. Seed by seed, the world gets better. :)

16 March, 2006 10:29  
Blogger emlino said...

The "colors" mention were, in fact, inspired by your "Colors!" post.
About LIVE... and "living", consider my next post as a reply to your nice words. Thank You very much. :)

16 March, 2006 10:30  

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