Monday, March 06, 2006

There will be a time, a moment, when we won't need to be part of a big web community to share with all mankind what we realy feel, what we need to say, what my LIVing life is made of.
Somehow, we are expecting that someone, someday, would create for us that virtual world where we'll be in continuous connection; so there is no reason to think about it now.
Wrong. There is a light upon you that focus your life, to be and take part of this universal need of expressing ourselfs today, saying our feelings in the lines of comunications, being in a universal selfconscious status. We can be always in touch.
I would like to feel the light of your life and share your, mine, our reasons to LIVE.
Cause we never feel the same...
Cause we never use the same words...
Cause we might be aparted of life and unknow that there is always one more reason to LIVE.


Blogger Nesrina said...

This post is sooooooo beautiful and touching.
It's the first time I see this blog of yours, glad it's in English that I can understand.

12 March, 2006 13:39  
Blogger emlino said...

In spite of the theme's blog be same I don't want that one would be the translation of the other. I would like that this one's could express and share some feelings that are supposed to be universal... I dooooooo hope so. :)

16 March, 2006 10:31  
Blogger emlino said...

I was think in what you've said and I think you gave me an idea... This happens a lot with me... :)

16 March, 2006 12:07  

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