Monday, April 24, 2006

Smily Words

The Joy of a Smile

"I caught a smile today.
I held it in the palm of my hand
and marveled at the beauty that it possessed.
The light that shone from within its soul leapt in powerful succession;
all of my grey clouds were blown away.
The infectious childhood delight was its parade.
No false pretenses did it portray.
I have caught other smiles before this day,
ones that would tear through my soul with icy fire,
ones that would mock with fake apathy,
ones that would cry tears of woe but laugh with wretched scorn.
This little smile, oh what a beautiful and marvelous gift it is.
This little smile has come to me from a heart that has truly seen,
for it warmed my palm like that of the moonlight fairies.
It kissed my heart and brought to it such peace;
joy flowed through the crevices that time had create.
Oh, what blessing is this tiny smile,
if only I could keep it tucked inside my palm forever.
But no, this gift is not mine to keep for eternity,
rather, it is only inspiration for a moment.
I must let the smile go, to go and bring this same delight to another soul in longing.
Today, I opened my palm and sweetly blew the smile away.
Into the winds it magically flew, softly kissing the lips of the sky.
As I watched this tiny smile flutter away,
my own began to form."


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