Thursday, May 04, 2006

Popcorns of Hope

We are tending, without any signs of other way choice to follow, to the point of no return in the love relationship of the mankind with itself like the love story of the phantom of the Opera. We see evil growing by all over the world, by every place and it seems that we can't do nothing and will be our destiny become phantoms to one and other.

I think that, no matter what we can do now, we could not avoid this happening thing... I guess that it is needed...

Somewhere, some when and somehow this will explode (whatever it means)... may be it is needed. May be this will have to really BANG to the Power Management people of this society realize that we are men and women, equals, flesh of the same flesh, living in the same material world and we should start to think as one... multicultural, multicoloured, multi language speaking,... as singular members of the mankind but as one... that someone called Mankind.

May be we have to pass throw a seed grain life process like Mafalda Veiga sings "But it is needed to dye and born again, to seed in the dust and collect once again".

May be this will explode someday... That's also because of that, the meaning, the reason of my and your life. We can't change the world and may be the changes that we can add in this society will have to dye. But we can't stop to do it around us; so that, when the world reborn, it could grow with the strength of the good seed, rooted deeply underground the mankind values.

I am prepared to sacrifice my life; I am able to suffer the consequences of this fired world consummation. I wish that all of you, my friends, could pass throw a popcorn transformation, from an insipid state to another sweet, from a little orange ball to a white plushed flowered form...And when we open the eyes again I want see myself and all of you around me turned into that reborned man that recognizes and let the other to recognize in my look, my smile,.. the white side of our nature.

Some men, today, are anger to make history and write their names in the future books. They don't care anything about the future. I just simply want to build the book, to make it real, to add white pages, again and again and again so that, at the end of the times, we would be able to write the happiest story ever written. A story that LIVEs beyond the times.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger emlino said...

Thank you. I will try. Be confortable to live here anytime you want. :)

13 June, 2006 17:01  
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