Monday, June 05, 2006

Rock in Rio Lisbon 2006

Today, I am a little bit sleepy...
I just slept two hours last night because I went to the "Rock in Rio"
- Lisbon 2006 edition, on his last, day to see Sting :)))
I could see and ear the Anastacia and the Corinne Bailey Rae performance and some more that were very good... truly
LIVE concerts
But it was Sting the one that I most wanted to see.
Its concert it was amazing, with such energy and rhythm that I never thought he could performed.
More than a concert, more than a show, Sting did what I think he is been doing for a long time: Passing a message. I didn’t notice that he came to Lisbon to sing some oh his songs, say nice words to the crowd and go away home with everybody happy.
I think that he wanted to express, by his way to see the music, the words within, the rhythm, the instruments, that we can join strengths "For a better World" - the theme of the Festival.
It was a great final to an event that wants to establish chains of strength to see the world with a brighter eyes vision... For a better World... To


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