Thursday, June 29, 2006


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!!!Resting Time is wanted!!!

!!!Dead or Alive!!!
A big reward to the ones who can catch it
or give any informations about it!!!

Thank you!!!
God save... me...

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Blogger Me said...

Strange how everyone is looking for the same thing...
I can give you some info... let yourself rest even if it's just a day off relaxing, an evening stroll or even a short nap in the evening... and ENJOY it :-)

10 July, 2006 19:03  
Blogger Nesrina said...

Resting time is sooooooooo much wanted :)
Hope everything is fine ...
Wishing you all the best my friend.

02 August, 2006 11:36  
Blogger emlino said...

Tank you ME.
I guess it is time now to take such a nap. Now, I will enjoy it very much for sure and understand the importance of take a break for a while.

Yes Nes, You are very right... And it is not only us who need to rest... The world need it much more...
Now the things are calmer with me. Thank You.

07 August, 2006 11:52  

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