Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yesterday it was the most confusing day of the year in this little sea town. It came people from everywhere... I usually went out this day to run out from the invasion but, for many reasons, I couldn't make it this time.
With a big effort, I tried to finish reading a book of Richard Bach, one of his last ferrets adventure: "The last war"
All over the place we could see how people still doesn't understand that they are a part of this "thing" that someone called Humanity. And being a part of it, means that we have to live relationed one to each other. But it seems that we don't have the courage to leave definitely the evil from within of our hearts.
That it was happened yesterday right in front of my eyes with people buldozering each others, trying to pass throw everyone, even old women and children just to get loser a damn procession... We still feel in the air, the dry smell of burned trees that are still burning for several weeks all over the country, painting the sky in grey, caused, for purpose, by sick people that doesn't understand that they are killing the nature itself, the global balance of the species, the weather,... and the future of the next generations... The TV, still shows the devastated scenarios of cities completely destroyed by war at several countries or the active conflicts or the high tension behind them... All of this are truly facts and stupid reasons to justify the evil presence in the mankind purposes... they just immerge out from those stone hearts in different ways... It isn't worse the selfish desire, unrespectable act of pass throw everyone to rich closer, at any cost, than killing innocent people, even if we think that we have a good reason. It is the same evil that moves us to the bad actions.
I'm a little piece in the world puzzle to make the difference. But I believe that many more pieces could be herad; that I... we could encourage to join and assume this vote in my and each entire life to appeal to the world to ear the Richard's words:
'I withdraw my consentient to the evil.
I withdraw my consentient to the war.
I withdraw my consentient to the violence.
I withdraw my consentient to the evil. Forever.'


Blogger gota de chuva said...

In the everyday living, the selfishness the talks, in the actions, in the feelings...I wish it all was more true, I wish people would stop thinking too much only about themselves and would consider the others in their living.
I wish they would set better priorities of life. Life is short... and only the good, only the love is worth it.

18 August, 2006 15:13  
Blogger emlino said...

Love... That is a fact that God should be only love, and gives to us only love, and there is nothing more beautiful, more desirable than love... this gift to be in love with each other...
If it wasn't that so I would be tired and bored to try it.

21 August, 2006 13:45  

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