Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Life questions.

There are a lot of questions that comes to my mind when someone talks about life... Can it be possible that people could have different ways of seeing life, in its essence? Can life be judged, chose, determined, closed by our own will? Makes any sense, what I do, what I give, the time, the effort, the time, the things, the time,... to mould, to save (sometimes) someone's life, of a child, of a teen, a friend, someone older... when I know that others all over the world didn't have the luck of having someone to look them with a human eyes to a human soul. Their lives are played on a russian roulette… maybe tomorrow I don’t loose it.
Love someone it is so simple as washing the face in the river in the early morning. Just a want attitude is needed and the simplicity of nothing to have. That's why, for many people, life don't have m(any) value... It can't be evaluating on dollars or euros or any kind of a money measure. There are exceptions of course; sports players for example,... models,... Their lives are valuable and someone who might think that can give them a butt kick must be interned in a psyche clinic immediately...
"Is this the real life?" Well I guess this is the real world but this world is very far the real life that it could be.
Yesterday I saw in a documentary on the TV that they are hunting sharks to cut them off their fins to cook them on a Chinese soup. Sometimes they throw the sharks alive again on the sea... Is this the human concept of life? It's not mine. But it is still a stupid world when there is life to ones and survive to others... and nothing makes sense from then on...


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