Thursday, January 11, 2007

Writing Signs

I was once almost determined to write one thing about some other post... and some other mail...
I guess this is the time... must be a sign, certainly...
I have some types of writing depending on if it's only to be understood by me or by another person, and if it is to be beauty and perfect, or big and legible...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks my friend for responding to my tag.
I didn't understand much, it's so sophisticated... but I am glad I saw your hand writing, one impression I took, ur hand wrting looks so serious.. am I right? are u a serious person with so much in ur mind?

12 January, 2007 16:23  
Blogger emlino said...

What I like most in this kind of the things is what we learn with them. And I discover that I can be serious on something :))) I don't know how can I explain this but I will try.
To me, seeing people laughing all around me it makes me feel very happy. There are people who looks very, very beautiful when they're smiling, so, I always try to keep a good disposition all around (I know that sometimes I overstep and it looks a little clowny). But it is a serious conscience of making people feeling good that is behind of it. Well, when it needs I can be very serious but, in this case, I try to keep an interior joy too...
After my post I have looked a little bit carefully to my writing and I think I could classify it as transmitting an objective and a practical sense of thinking. Am I wrong? I wish it be, cause it is something helping to organize so much things in my mind... and yes, on that, you're certainly right :)
French Design, which I admire particularly (I am writing about that), it has that sophisticated characteristic too...
The puzzle starts fitting :)
Thank you.

17 January, 2007 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Emlino,
Your writings are full of joy too, positivity and embracing life.
But yet in s serious way, I mean you are convinced of what you say and you seemed to have these thoughts and you are willing to teach it to others as well.
I liked this exercise too :)

18 January, 2007 10:17  
Blogger emlino said...

I'm glad that I am well understood. Thank you very much :)

18 January, 2007 22:06  

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