Monday, April 30, 2007

Hopes and Fears

Some days ago, I read something about hopes and disappointments on our relationships. I have been thinking about that since then and how does it happens with me.For me it's not as so easy to manage my relationships... Friendship is a very important value to me and I don't like to take any risk that can break it up... But being carefully like this can stop me to be more who I am and much more important, what I feel. So, I'm at the middle of the bridge and I really don't know what side should I take... express my feelings and taking the risk of being misunderstood or the other side, preserving the friendship but carrying alone in my soul what I feel and another way of living this friendship, may be more deep. I don't know if this happens only with me but, in those cases, I really would like to have a sign, to choose for what is the best for everyone... Believe me... it is not easy.


Blogger Me said...

It's not easy to choose what's best for everyone... but I believe you should do what you feel is right and wouldn't at least hurt anyone...

Prayers that you always have hope and overcome your fears...

01 May, 2007 10:50  
Blogger emlino said...

I guess and I really hope that time will enlighten me to show me what I deeply feel so that I would take my way on. I have to let me go in His hands and believe.
Thank you so much :)

01 May, 2007 19:58  

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