Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Journey through the Forest

It's amazing the feeling of walking by the forest... The same forest, the same river, the same water, almost untouchable, as quite as if it had just been created, the forest that others have crossed, over centuries and centuries.
Celts, romans, monks, knights, poor’s, sailors, liberals,... whatever the reasons that could move each one of them through this unrevealed forest, a mysterious feeling, a sense of being lost in the unknown with an hazy idea of an orientated path, guide us.
This is our journey in life. A travel through this beautiful landscape of memories and knowledge, colored of the green of hope, refreshed day by day with new dreams high extended to the skies, but always following the unexpected, the self discovering, running into the light peeking sometimes behind the leaves.
If, instead of running wildly to the end, we LIVE this track that we seek tree after tree, stone after stone, enjoying each moment as if it was unique, singular, unrepeatable... I'm sure that this track that we leave behind, that keeps printed, not in the ground, not in the trampled grass, but in our hands, in our smile, in our heart... will compose this journey... my journey.
My journey that I build at every moment, mixing dreams, hopes, expectations, joys... everything that LIVE in my own forest and lead me to a way... my way... So, as a choice's sequence, perfectly assimilated, my life gains a meaning and a reason in which I have the leading role, because "life is journey, not a destination".

photo: emlino 2008