Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PEJ 2010

My first adventure in this was in 1999. It was also my first experience in such kind of meetings (excluding the National Scout Camps) and the beginning of some other international journeys. So, it was a mark in my faith growing, of course, but not in its strictly meaning but with all the tracks or the roots that can be linked to it. Friendship between those who followed me and shared all the moments that this event proposed (the dead tomb that we transported, the meals that we prepare... the mayonnaise, the rain,...), the ones who we met there and we still keep in touch (particularly from Romania, and the talk in the last night), the impact of so many people gathered with a common motif, a common belief, or even meeting again, in a foreigner country, our compatriots (that we don't know but as if we known each other since years).
In 2004, my responsibility grown because our group went alone; so, living all of this was a little bit different. But almost all the things that I've referred were present and, at El Monte del Gozo, it was amazing the entire ambiance around us, around all of us...
It's difficult avoiding returning to this experience. We grow on every way of our being, it's a fact, and maybe the time for living it has come to other ones - but we could see this meeting from other points of view (I guess). As long we keep an open mind, a spirit free enough to let the youth take us throw, there's always a place where we can give to the others a learn from them as well.
This time, (still in the age limits :) ), I'm thinking of accepting the challenge that had been made to me. Helping, serving, it is another face of living the PEJ. And I guess I need to LIVE it that way too.